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About Us
Langeland's oldest in new clothes

The ferry yard first opened its doors to guests in 1890, and since then the place has been filled with stories and cozy moments for guests and staff. In the early 1950s, Færgegården opened up to campers.

Since then, the concept has evolved under new generations of oweers adding cottages, holiday apartments, rooms and most recently a mini café by the beach. Today, Færgegårdens Camping is Langeland's oldest campsite with an ideal location next to the harbor, beach and ferry.

We think Færgegården's fantastic location and special history are worth preserving. Therefore, as the second generation in the series, we have chosen to run the campsite further in our small start-up family of three; Nicolas (32) Cristina (29) and Bjørn (2). We hope, through the fresh eyes of the youth and our many fun ideas, to be able to preserve the special energy of the place and create new unforgettable experiences for our guests.​

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We invite you to be a part of our story!
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